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Make 2023 The Year You Transform Your Health & Fitness & Get The Results You've Always Wanted!


Get Fit Today is currently looking for 20 adults in Northampton who want to get back into shape and feel better in 2023 

You can choose either our popular group fitness classes on their own or include our online nutrition coaching program as well to really help you achieve the results you're looking for

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8-Week WEIGHT LOSS Challenge

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  • Unlimited access to all group fitness classes

  • Online nutrition coaching

  • Train indoors or outdoors

  • Tone up

  • Sleep better

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • Regain your lost energy

This is the PERFECT combination for anyone wanting to LOSE WEIGHT.

Unlimited access to approx 60 indoor & outdoor group fitness sessions together with a coached online nutrition program.

We won't confuse you with macronutrients, vitamins and minerals - just simple but effective tweaks to your existing diet getting you the results you want without having to eliminate the foods you enjoy

Can you afford to safely lose half a stone?  Check now using our BMI calculator


Unlimited Membership

  • Approx 60 Group Fitness Classes (£1 per class)

  • Abington Park & St. Crispins

  • Indoors & Outdoors

  • Access to a fantastic social scene

  • Health & Fitness Newsletters and blogs

  • Access 24/7 to a personal trainer

If you already have your nutrition in hand and want to focus only on fitness, this is the PERFECT plan for you.  Not only do you get unlimited access to all of our sessions, both indoors and outdoors but you will also be invited to our extensive social activities too.

Get Fit Today is all about 'Putting the Fun back into Fitness' and we believe strongly that to be effective, our classes need to be enjoyable.  





Pete runs Get Fit Today together with a team of 7 instructors and delivers over 30 group fitness sessions every month in Northampton as well as offering online nutrition coaching and personal training too.

Since launching in January 2020, we have helped over 750 people:


  • Improve their fitness 

  • Eat healthier

  • Enjoy training with others in a friendly, relaxed environment

  • Learn how to schedule fitness into a busy lifestyle

  • Meet new friends and neighbours from their local community


If you like the sound of any of these points, you're in the right place...

We totally understand how scary it can be starting a new type of fitness or joining a new group so when you apply to join a Get Fit Today session, we will contact you beforehand, make sure you know where to meet us, what to wear & when to arrive so we can look out for you when you do.  


During the session you will meet lots of others who have all been through this same process and you will feel welcomed straight away.

If you live in Northampton and want to get back into shape, Pete & and his team of instructors can show you how fitness can be fun and help you achieve your health and fitness dreams.​

Here Are A Few Of Our Members Who Have Tried Various Diets & Gyms That Simply Didn't Work For Them - That Is, Until They Found Get Fit Today!

Here Is What They Had To Say:

Pam 2.jpg


Pam lost 33lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes in just over 6 weeks on our KICKSTARTER program and is absolutely loving her new body shape.  

"It's amazing that I started with not being able to keep up with an exercise for a couple of minutes and now I do an hour session and feel good about myself at the end. I got there in just weeks"

Tracey 1.jpg


Since joining our KICKSTARTER programme in April, Tracey has lost 9cm from her waist and 17cm from her hips!  Her press-ups have increased from 13 to 24 (WOW!) and her plank time from 45 seconds to 71.

"I’m chuffed that I’m still losing cm from my measurements and toning. I can see changes and my posture is better, plus I’m noticing I’m not slouching so much and I have more energy"

JUNE           APRIL



I decided to join Get Fit Today originally for my mental health but the benefits have actually been more than this.  When I started 3 months ago, I weighed 12st 13lbs - I now weigh 10st 13lbs!

My clothes look better and I have more choice when I go shopping now! I can walk further and I'm no longer puffing or panting going upstairs

It's easy to neglect your health but it's an hour out of your day, that's all it takes to make you feel more energised and happy

Get Fit Today Testimonials

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These 2 offers are ONLY available until 31st January 2023 -  DON'T MISS OUT 

We currently only have space for 20 people, after which a waiting list will be used.

If we could 'bottle' the feeling you get at the end of a session and send it to you in the post, we guarantee you would join us.  Sadly, it's just not possible so click the link below and we will see you soon 😀

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