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6-Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

Welcome on board the Get Fit Today 6-week weight loss workout plan!


We're really excited that you've chosen us to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.  

If you put in the effort during the next 6-weeks, you will find that you can achieve some really amazing results.  Some of our previous clients have recorded up to 1.5 stone weight loss (9kg), reducing their waist measurements by 10cm and the hips by 7cm as well as increasing their strength on almost all exercises.

This plan is a starter program that almost anyone can use. You don’t need access to any weights and you don’t need a gym membership - but you do need some self-motivation, dedication and patience.


It doesn't happen overnight though and you will need to change some of your lifestyle habits, but that's probably why you're already reading this! 😀

Everything you need over the next 6-weeks can be found on this page.  There are a couple of steps below to follow straight away in order to get things set up for you, and then below that you will find a timetable and plan per week for the next 6-weeks.

STEPS 1 & 2


The first thing to do on all of our online courses is to complete a health check so you record where you are today and compare again in a few weeks



Goal setting is really important and as such, it's vital to be honest with yourself too.  Don't skip this step - you will regret it later if you do.

STEPS 3 & 4


Taking a photo of yourself today and at the end of the course is a great way to recognise your achievements and be proud!



Keeping an accurate food diary is absolutely essential for anyone looking to lose weight and get fit.

6 week plan.png

Time to get started.  Below you will see a calendar showing what you need to do for each day of the next 6-weeks.  Stick to this plan, don't try to jump ahead or skip anything - it's important you complete each step in turn in order to achieve the results you want.


Head out for a 20 minute 'steady' walk.

A 'steady' pace is when you can just about maintain a conversation but occasionally get out of breath

Watch the video "Setting Realistic Goals"

Walking Club
Setting Realistic Goals
Play Video


Today is a rest day, so no activity other than a gentle walk if you decide to do so.

Read the E-Book: "Creating a sustainable nutrition plan".  This is really useful as it will teach you the skills you need for maintaining your healthy choices long after this program.

Guide to nutrition.png
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