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1-Month Nutrition Plan

I'm sure you will have heard the saying "You can't out-train a bad diet" - well, that's as true now as it ever has been.  If you have ever used a personal trainer, one of the things you will no doubt be familiar with is keeping a food diary. This can be really useful when it comes to making positive changes and at Get Fit Today, we would encourage everyone to try this, even if just for one week

The pure process of keeping a record of what you eat will provide immediate results for you.  The moment you decide to become aware of all the little snacks and extras that you sneak in throughout the day, you will automatically stop having them (as much 😀) 

For anyone looking to lose some weight, you need to burn fat.  The only way to do this is to either reduce the amount of energy (calories) you put in to your body or to exercise more so that you burn more off. However, doing both things at the same time in a steady, controlled way is the secret to weight loss success. Small changes to your eating habits, add in some exercise and slowly increase this over time and BOOM - wolf whistle's here you come!😀


To help you achieve your health & fitness goals, we are offering a £25 1-Month Nutrition Plan including:


1. 7-day food diary template to download, use and submit plus access to our bespoke Food Diary App where you can log your food, drink and exercise on the go.

2. Online BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and BMI calculation form to submit to us in order to calculate how much energy your body requires every day

3.  A free 15-page Nutrition e-book available to download and retain.

4. Analysis of your 7-day food diary together with feedback and suggestions on how you can make small changes over time to see big improvements

5. Personal contact with an instructor via email for one month to discuss your eating habits, BMR and exercise routine

If this sounds like the help you need to achieve your personal goals, then get in touch.  Click the link below to sign up for your bespoke and personal Get Fit Today Nutrition Plan.