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Nutrition Plan

Thank you for signing up for our Basic Nutrition Plan - your journey starts right here!

Step 1:  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

It's really useful to know how much energy your body uses on a typical day, and this is what we use the BMR for. Fill in our quick online form with some details such as height, weight, activity levels etc and we will be able to let you know how many calories you should be looking to consume per day to maintain a healthy weight

Following on from this, we will also be able to recommend how to reduce your calorie intake or increase your exercise levels in order to burn off the excess fat you want rid of, but in a safe & healthy way.

To access the Get Fit Today BMR calculator, please use this link

Step 2:  Nutrition eBook

To accompany this Nutrition Plan, there is a free 15-page e-Book which you can download now by clicking this link.  This book briefly covers how our body needs energy, where that comes from, calories in -v- calories out, the NHS Eatwell guide and food labelling.  It is only an introduction to these subjects, and something you can refer to in the future as well as helping you make some healthy choices right now.

Step 3:  7-day diary

Your 7-day diary is a vital part of this nutrition plan and it is essential that you keep it up-to-date throughout the day and honest 😀.  Try not to fill it out in the evening as the chances are you will forget some of the things you have eaten or the details around where you were and how you felt at the time.  You can either fill in your food diary by hand and then scan and email it back to us, or complete it at the time using our App.  Feel free to do this each day for 7 days, or just once at the end, it's up to you.

The email address to use is ''

Step 4:  Feedback

Once we receive your completed food diary, we will be in touch within 7 days with some feedback.  This will include a brief analysis of your diary together with some identified areas to consider changing.  Used together with your BMR results, we should be able to set you on the path to achieving your fitness goals.

Step 5:  Healthy Choices

Once we have all of your details from the BMR and your for diary, we will be able to make some suggestions on small changes you can make which will lead to the differences you want to see.  Once we give you these suggestions, we would like you to use the food diary for a 2nd week to help you stick to the healthy changes suggested.

Email contact

This basic nutrition plan allows you personal email contact with an instructor for one month to discuss your fitness, nutrition and energy requirements.  Please feel free to make the most of this opportunity to ask any questions you may have around these areas.  We are here to help and will do what we can.

We're really pleased you chose to purchase this Nutrition plan, and together with attending Get Fit Today classes in the park, we think you're on the road to achieving your goals!

Let's do it, download the App or templates now and start filling in your 7-day diary!