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GET FIT Today sessions are all about fun.  We exercise outside in the open air in groups of approx 15-20 people and during the space of an hour you will enjoy a good thorough warm up (making sure your body is ready to begin a workout) and from there we move around the park, stopping to do different exercises every few minutes and finishing with a good cool down at the end to reduce any morning-after aches.  No two sessions are ever the same - we know how easy it is to get bored when exercising, so we make sure that this never happens.

We run classes in 3 locations across Northampton - Abington Park, St. Crispins and Grange Park.


Abington Park - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday

St Crispins       - Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

Grange Park    - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

All of our classes take part outside, and the fresh air is great!  Occasionally you will notice some drops of inspiration falling from the sky to encourage you along, but don't worry - skin is waterproof and you can only get wet once!  Just imagine though - that feeling after finishing a great workout and getting home for a hot shower - absolute bliss!  The slice of cake in the fridge afterwards is even better!

On average, you will burn between 600-1000 calories per session at GET FIT Today, regardless of your fitness levels.  The first few weeks will be tough but the next few months will be awesome!

You will always be exercising alongside other people of a similar fitness ability to yourself and you will never be left behind.  It's always your choice as to which group you stick with on the day and this will determine how far around the park we move and how quickly we do it. 

Depending on your fitness level and how you feel on the day, you can choose either:


This is our starter group.  If you are new to fitness, recently given birth or recovering from an injury, our BEGINNER group is perfect for you.  The distance we cover, exercises we perform and the reps will all be customised around your level of fitness.  Please don't worry, we regularly get people join us who cant complete 1 sit-up or 1 press-up.  We are here to GET you FIT, and we will do it gradually, carefully and enjoyably!  


This is the perfect class for anyone who is no longer a beginner and feels a little fitter than when they joined us, but not quite ready to try our advanced class.  Additionally, if you're pretty fit already, but recovering from a slight injury or cold, this group is ideal.  Remember, as important as it is to train, you also need some rest days so feel free to change groups depending on how you are feeling.


If you have been exercising for a while, or have a reasonably good level of fitness and want to maintain this, our ADVANCED GROUP is the right place for you.  You will cover more ground around the park than our other groups, move at a quicker pace, your reps will be higher and the exercises harder.  This is a tough group, with very little or not rest for the full session.  Not for the faint hearted, but definitely just the thing if you want a challenge!