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Isolation Mini-Workout 5 - AMRAP

What’s AMRAP I hear you say?

As Many Reps As Possible!! 👍👍

So, today we do 3 exercises and we start by doing as-many-reps-as-possible in 1 minute. A chance to really push yourself, but making sure you stick to good form. Once the minute is finished, make a note of how many you managed. Rest for 1 minute and then your mission is to do the same exercise but HALF the amount of reps - 3 times!

Exercises of choice (our choice😀)

1. Press-up

2. Sit-up

3. Squat


The first exercise is press-ups, so I do as-many-reps-as-possible in 1 minute. Let’s say I manage 30. Then after a minutes rest I do 15 press-ups (half the amount I managed) and then rest for another minute. Then I repeat this twice more, so it looks like this!

  • 30 reps - (as-many-reps-as-possible)

  • 1 minutes rest

  • 15 reps

  • 1 minutes rest

  • 15 reps

  • 1 minutes rest

  • 15 reps

Then you rest for 2 minutes and repeat the process for the 2nd exercise - sit-ups. Then finally, you do the same for the 3rd exercise - squats.

How does that sound? Fancy giving it a try?

A workout like this is a great way to improve your strength in a particular exercise. If you keep at it, over time, you will start to notice your AMRAP score going up. Remember to stick to good form and either ask someone to watch you or video yourself so you can check. Feel free to post your video on our page or group and we can offer your feedback too 😀👍

If you have someone at home, then take it in turns so whilst you are resting for a minute, they are exercising. That way you can watch each other’s form and technique as well.

We have lots of blogs and videos on our website and Facebook page showing the exercises and good form, but I have added some pictures on this blog to help too.

Good luck!

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