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Which ability group should I be in?

At Get Fit Today, we offer training for all fitness abilities but we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to know which group you should be in. Everyones fitness improves at different speeds so it is only natural that after being with us for a few weeks, you might feel like you want to try the next group up

We currently offer three main ability groups:

Blue group

This is our beginner group and the perfect place for anyone who hasn't worked out in a while or is brand new to fitness. In this group, as we move slowly around the park in between exercise stations (about 50m each time maybe), you will get a chance to recover and have a chat with each other and the instructor before stopping to exercise again. The type of exercises given will be demonstrated and explained and the reps will be low so that you can concentrate on form and technique.

However, don't think that this means the session will be easy! If you haven't exercised in more than a few months, you will find this challenging at first. But as you progress, the sessions will feel easier and you will start thinking about maybe moving up to Orange!😀

Orange Group

This is our middle group and is the natural progression from beginners. If you are joining us and already have reasonable level of fitness (maybe you can jog a mile or do several burpees & press-ups already) you may find that joining straight into this group is right for you.

In this group, as we move around the park between exercise stations you will find that the distances we cover are greater than in the beginner group, possibly 200-300m at a time and the pace at which we jog will be quicker.  You will be expected to be able to recover in these transitions and be ready for the next set of exercises to come.

The type of exercises we do will also be more intense and the reps will be higher.  We will still be focussing on form and technique to prevent you from injuring yourself but the session will be more challenging.  Expect to burn around 600-700 calories in an hour-long  orange session.👍

Green Group

The green group is our top ability group and not for the faint hearted.  Be under no illusion, this session will be tough.   As we move around the park during the session, the distance we travel between each exercise station will be greater than the beginner and middle group (somewhere in the region of 400-500m at a time) and the pace at which we do this will be quick.  When we stop, you will be getting straight into the next round of exercises with very little or no rest period.😲

The type of exercises we do in the green group will encompass everything and the reps will be higher than in our other groups as well.  Still, our focus is always on form and technique as this is even more important when exercising at this intensity to prevent any injuries.  

Expect to burn in excess of 700 calories during a green session, and come away feeling exhausted.  If this isn't the case, please let us know.🤣

We are also running an "All Abilities" group every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for half an hour starting at 7pm.  This is a chance for everyone to come together and take part in a session with members they would not normally exercise alongside due to the group split.  

During these sessions, we will be differentiating between ability groups throughout making sure that the greens get pushed to their limits at the same time as the blues and orange group does.  It's also a good way to work-out alongside someone from another group and see how you compare before you try a full session maybe..? 

A quick easy guide to which group you might feels right for you is:

Hopefully this helps you decide which group you might be most suited to. Over the next few weeks, all members will receive a branded wick-away sports t-shirt of the ability group colour of their choice.

It doesn't matter if you order a blue shirt but want to try an orange class, you can still join in, it’s no problem 👍. We encourage everyone to push themselves that little bit every time you are at a session and a really great test to see if you can move from blue to orange or orange to green, is to jump in the session for a day and see how it goes!

Our instructors will know you are doing this (as you will have on your shirt) and we will make sure we encourage you to do the best you can but will also allow you the chance to breathe if you are finding it difficult!

Give it a try, who knows - you might even enjoy it...

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