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8-Week Weight Loss Challenge Application Form

Complete the application below to take the next step towards becoming fitter & healthier.  Remember, this is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change producing long term results

What are you looking for?
You would like to join because?
Are you willing to put in time & effort to achieve your health & fitness goals?
Looking at our class timetable below, can you attend 1-2 classes every week on average?

In addition to our 8-week weight loss £99 challenge, we also offer other monthly membership options.  There is no tie-in period, joining fee or cancellation fee for any of these.

Which of our options are you interested in?
based on the above prices, are you in a position to financially commit right now to achieve your future health & fitness?

Congratulations on taking the first (and hardest) step towards a new, fitter & healthier you!​Answering these questions helps us to determine if you are the right 'fit'for us.  We don't accept everyone who applies as some people 'think'they want to lose weight, but when it comes to it, they aren't ready to put the effort in to make it happen.  We are looking to help those people who 'are'ready!​If we select you for this program, you will feel fitter, healthier, more toned, more confident and more energised than you have done in a long time.​I look forward to speaking to you soon.​PeteGet Fit Today

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