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GET FIT Today sessions are all about burning calories whilst having fun.  At our popular outdoor group fitness sessions we split into groups of approx 15 people of different fitness abilities, all exercising together and moving around the park.  During the winter months, we also offer indoor sessions too where you can 'work on your form whilst staying warm'


During the space of an hour we will start with a warm up followed by a mixture of different exercise stations changing every few minutes to stop you from getting bored.  Every session ends with a good cool down to reduce any morning-after aches and no two sessions are ever the same.  We know how easy it is to get bored when exercising, so we make sure that this never happens.

Our main theme is body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, press-ups and sit-ups (depending on your fitness level of course).  However, we also like to mix things up regularly and include various pieces off kit and equipment like kettlebells, slam balls, power bags, logs, battle ropes, resistance bands, dumbbells, jerry cans, tyres and of course the extremely popular Box-Fit session which is loads of fun and a fantastic calorie burn!

We run classes in 2 different locations in Northampton - Abington Park & St. Crispins.


During the spring and summer, all of our classes take part outside, and the fresh air is great!  Occasionally you will notice some drops of inspiration falling from the sky to encourage you along, but don't worry - skin is waterproof and you can only get wet once! 

On average, you will burn between 400-600 calories per session at GET FIT TODAY, regardless of your fitness level, albeit we have had a few members reach almost 1,000!  The first few weeks will feel tough but the next few months will be awesome! 

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