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  • What should I expect from a session?
    Every session is different to the last, but will always involve a decent warm up followed by 45 minutes of exercise and finish with a thorough cool down. During the hour, we will be moving around the park and stopping for a few minutes to carry out some exercises. These will range from circuits, relays, partner drills, team events, running drills, core, stamina, strength and we will even chuck some games in too!
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    We have 4 venues in Northampton: Abington Park - Meeting outside the museum on Park Avenue South, NN15LW St. Crispins - Meeting at the Community Centre car park, NN54GJ Grange Park - Meeting in the car park at Foxfields Country Park, NN45BE. Hackleton - Meeting point is the car park at Hackleton Primary School, NN7 2AB
  • What time should I arrive?
    For your first session, if you can arrive at the park about 10-15 minutes early, that would be great. We will need you to fill out a quick health questionnaire before the session starts (unless you complete one online or bring it with you)
  • What should I wear?
    With the exception of our winter indoor sessions, all of our sessions take place in the parks so depending on the weather, please dress for the occasion. Generally, t-shirt, shorts and trainers are fine but in the winter months you may wish to invest in some trail trainers with a bit more grip. Some people like to wear thin gloves such as sealskinz but that's your choice.
  • I'm not fit enough to join
    Our job is to GET you FIT, so please don't worry. We have trained members from 16 through to 82 years old and in all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to get the people of Northampton active, fit and healthy so we welcome everyone to our sessions regardless of whether you are a current county runner or havent jogged since you left school back in the 80's
  • What should I bring?
    All you need to bring with you is a smile and some energy, we provide everything else. Our instructors carry water with them incase you want a quick drink and you never know, when it's cold out we may even have something warmer! You can leave car keys or mobile phones with us to look after during the session, but please don't bring too much!
  • How long are the sessions?
    Our beginner sessions are designed as an introduction to fitness and therefore we keep them to 30 minutes during the week. At the weekend you have the chance to push yourself that little bit more and complete a whole hour. Our middle and top group sessions are always an hour long including a warm-up and cool down. During that time you will exercise every major muscle in your body and burn around 600+ calories. During the week we also offer a 'mixed ability' half-hour session for all abilities to join in together and have a sociable but challenging workout
  • Do I need to visit my doctor before taking part?
    If you have any pre-exisitng medical conditions, we always advise that you speak to your GP prior to starting any form of fitness. Before you take part in your first GET FIT session, you will complete a health questionnaire on our member App.
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