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Get Fit Today



There's many things I love about Get Fit Today.  Quite often when I finish work and think 'I can't really be bothered with this today' but then I get there and instantly that thought has gone from my mind.

In the last year with Get Fit Today, I've really gained in confidence and push myself that little bit harder and achieve things that I didn't think I would be able to



Best decision I have made so far this year joining this outfit.


Quality instructors, catering for all levels of fitness. Putting the fun back into fitness.


So if you are looking for a new challenge come and join us you won't regret it


From the very 1st session I attended, turning up on my own thinking I would be the oldest, the fattest, the slowest (I wasn't) but the lovely thing was that it didn't matter!

Everybody was really encouraging, and they were lovely.


Best of all it was a real giggle!


I was looking for an alternative to an indoor gym and Get Fit Today offered activities outdoor in the sunshine!

The trainers are fantastic and all very different and the sessions that they deliver are all very different too.

I've definitely got fitter, but the biggest achievement is that I enjoy going whereas exercise always felt like a chore before! 

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