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Personal Training

Whether you are training for a marathon or half marathon, mud run or fun run - personal training can really help you focus on what matters.  

Most GET FIT TODAY instructors are also qualified personal trainers and are here to help you.  Training can take place either at your home, your workplace or in the park - whereever suits you best (COVID allowing of course).

We offer one-off personal training sessions where you can simply have great workout with an instructor and push yourself targeting a specific area of fitness.  These are great as an add-on to your existing exercise regime.


We also offer on-going personal training which is more suited to those who wish to either lose some weight, tone up, build muscle or generally looking for some long term benefits.  These sessions will always start with a health and fitness assessment so that we can record, monitor and track your progress.  You will be given access to both our fitness App to complete workouts and our Nutrition App to log your food.  You will be given goals to achieve and workouts to complete inbetween your personal training sessions and have full access to your trainer 24/7 (almost...!)

If you would like to know more about either option, please get in touch with us here.  


1-off hour long session - £35

2 sessions - £65

3 sessions - £95

5 sessions - £160

10 sessions - £300

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