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Get Fit Today
Group Fitness Classes &

Online Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Our aim is to help people be more active by making fitness fun and enjoyable.  The welcome and encouragement from our members together with the guidance from our trainers will help you achieve your health & fitness goals 

Do you want to...

💥Lose weight
💥Tone up  
💥Get back into shape 
💥Regain your lost energy

Then you're in the right place 😃


Our 1-month Kickstarter plan gives you everything you need to start your fitness journey.  

A fitness & nutrition plan all in one with the added benefit of having a personal trainer available to you 24/7 for guidance and support.

couch to 5k.png

Our 'Couch to 5k' plan is the perfect way to improve your running over a 10-week period.

An instructor led running session once a week to take you from the sofa to the start line!

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A 3-month online fitness & nutrition plan designed to give you everything you need to achieve your health & fitness goals with the help of one of our online personal trainers


Average weight loss: 21lbs


The Get Fit Today Team.

Here is our team of amazing instructors who between them make sure that every session is different from the last, varied and fun













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I'm delighted that I joined Get Fit Today.  It's given me a whole new perspective on fitness.  I used to think it was just about what the scales said but i now realise it's about enjoying it, feeling fitter and having more energy and motivation.

I've joined many gyms in the past and always felt out of my depth but the instructors at GFT support you every step of the way and encourage you to get the most out of every session




I used to walk past all of you in the park and think there was no chance I’d do that!


I’ve now been coming since September and I’m really enjoying it…as well as the social side.  


I’ve met a lovely group of people and looking forward to getting back on it after Christmas!! xx



I have met a lot of lovely people in my group sessions. The sessions are fun and each one is different. We are reminded by our instructors that it is individual effort when we train, so I go at my pace and try and push myself just a little bit more than I did in my previous session. Every instructor is lovely and different.


It's amazing that I started with not being able to keep up with an exercise for a couple of minutes and now I do an hour session and feel good about myself at the end. 

I've lost 33lbs in just over 6 weeks!

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