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To Celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee, We Are Giving Away One Week Of FREE Training


This is a 'no commitment' offer but if you decide to join us afterwards, our membership options are listed below

If you live in Northampton and would like to join us for a FREE WEEK click the link below

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This is the PERFECT combination for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Unlimited access to over 120 fitness sessions and a coached online nutrition program.

We won't confuse you with macronutrients, vitamins and minerals - just simple but effective tweaks to your existing diet getting you the results you want without having to eliminate the foods you enjoy


If you're not looking to lose weight or you're happy with your nutrition, then this package is the one for you.

Unlimited access to 60+ sessions across all of our venues in Northampton every month

Each session will be different to the last and will be pitched at the right level for your fitness ability. 


Group sizes will vary depending on the day, time of year and weather but on average there will be another 10-15 people exercising alongside you

Taster session

Not quite sure if this is the thing for you yet?


Come along a try a taster session at any of our venues in Northampton for just £5


All of our sessions are outdoors (with an indoor option between Nov-Feb) bringing with it a host of health and fitness benefits

We focus on mainly using bodyweight exercises but also include lots of kit & equipment from time to time to keep things varied

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Our 6-week KICKSTARTER Challenge will...

  • Improve Your Fitness

  • Help you start toning up

  • Improve your sleep

  • Imcrese Your Confidence

  • Regain your lost energy

  • Help you enjoy fitness again




Pete is a qualified personal trainer, outdoor fitness instructor, running coach and Level 2 Nutritional coach.  Pete has been delivering outdoor group fitness classes for over 10yrs as well as delivering online nutrition coaching too.

Pete and his team of 7 instructors will make sure that you feel welcomed, part of the group and have a session planned around your level of fitness every time.  

In Northampton we have 4 amazing venues in Abington Park, St. Crispins, Brixworth and Cogenhoe.  Training outdoors has lots of great benefits and the camaraderie and motivation you will find from exercising in a group will push you to burn calories than you ever thought possible whilst smiling! 😃

Here Are A Few Of Our Members Who Have Tried Various Diets & Gyms That Simply Didn't Work For Them - That Is, Until They Found Get Fit Today!

Here Is What They Had To Say:

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Lorraine became very fit and gained a lot of confidence completing our 3-month online training and park sessions



Tracey has just completed our 6-week kickstarter course, has reduced her waist size, hip size, weight and has increased her fitness levels.  Tracey says:

"I feel fitter and not so out of breath (well before covid got me) am looking forward to continuing with another 6 weeks. Thank you for helping build a healthier me 💪"



Such an amazing group of instructors and friendly atmosphere. 


No judgement on what you can and cannot do just support from all. 

Before I started going, there was certain activities I struggled with, like sit ups, and now I can do them and feel more confident!  

Thanks team xx


Get Fit Today Testimonials

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Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 14.48.01.png


This offer of a FREE WEEK of training is only available during the month of June to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.  Don't miss out - act now and claim your place at our next session

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