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Final Week!


Well done for completing the last 3 months worth of health & fitness training, we hope you are feeling incrediby proud of yourself!


If you have followed the plan thoroughly, you will achieved weight loss without a doubt.  The amount of weight loss you have seen will be dependent on several things:


Your starting weight and your 'healthy' weight. 

If you were more than 3 stone (19kg) over your ideal weight, there is a very good chance that you could have lost around 2 stone during this course, possibly more depending on the amount of exercise you have been doing.

Activity Level

If you have been following the plan each week, you will have been increasing the amount and intensity of exercise that you do up to around 210 minutes a week (3.5hrs).  If, prior to this course, you were mainly inactive, this is a huge increase in the amount of calories that your body will be burning every day and will inevitably lead to more weight loss, if you have also been sticking to your calories goals.


As mentioned, if you have been sticking to your calorie goals every day, then you will have spent the last 3 months in a slight calorie deficit, which means that your body has been using more calories every day to keep you alive, than you have been replenishing.  

These 3 things are the main factors behind how much weight loss you will have seen during this course.  If you have given 100% every day, you will be reading this with a smile on your face, having just spent £100 on new clothes as all of your old clothes no longer fit!  😁 

If you know that you have eased off some weeks, not stuck to your calorie goal on a few weekends and not really been as active as you would have liked, the chances are that you have seen some results, probably feel more energetic than before and have also lost some weight, but also know that you could have achieved more.

Remember though - the number on the scales is just a number!  It's quite common for people to find that they are feeling fitter, more energetic, happier and more confident but weigh the same, or very close to the same.  Some even find that their clothes are looser or feel much more comfortable, but haven't lost as much weight as they expected.  This is due to your body changing shape - you can lose fat from one area of your body and increase some muscle mass and despite being fitter, stronger and healthier than ever - you weigh the same.  Please don't be disappointed.

The really great thing is that although this course is now over, it doesn't mean you have to stop!

We have given you everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You know roughly how big your portion sizes should be when cooking dinner, you know how much exercise you should be doing and have a much better understanding around how the quality of the food and drink you consume affects your energy, health and mood.


Image by Markus Winkler

We would absolutely love it if you could spend a few moments thinking back on the last 3-months and giving us your feedback on this course.

Did you like the set up, the web pages, the videos, the e-books, the workouts, the challenges and everything else included or was some of it irrelevant to you?  Either way, we would love to know so we can keep improving things for future clients

Health & Fitness Articles

Don't forget that all of the e-books and articles you we have given you over the past 3-months are yours to keep!

If you haven't done so already, go back to the relevant week and download the items you want so you can refer to them again in the future.


Over the past 12 weeks, you have had access to a multitude of different workouts targetting your upper body, core, lower body and all round HIIT sessions.  Included in these were over 50 different exercises, which by now you should be familiar with and can practice yourself.

If you aren't a member of a gym or local fitness club, we would strongly recommend that you look online to see what is available where you live.  If you're in Northampton, check out our website for
GET FIT TODAY as we offer indoor and outdoor group fitness training which is fantastic fun as well as being extremely effective at burning fat and increasing strength.

Whatever you decide to do, do something!  You've just spent 3-months getting fitter, healthier and more energetic than you have been for a long time so don't let this go to waste.  

If you haven't heard of ParkRun, maybe check this out.  It is completely FREE and is a great way to stay active once a week in your local area and make some great new friends at the same time.


We really hope that you have enjoyed this program.  Helping others achieve weight loss and seeing them improve thier fitness levels, energy and confidence is a fantastic experience and an incredible privilege so thank you for choosing GET FIT TODAY to help you do this.


If you ever have any questions about anything health & fitness related, please get in touch.


Here is a link to our facebook page in case you would like to follow us online.


Stay Healthy & Active,



Get Fit Today   

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