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Improve Your Results By Working Directly With an Online Personal Trainer


Pete Gill

I'm a 1:1 Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based in the UK who specialises in simple yet effective methods to help you get back into shape.

I've been delivering group fitness classes in over 120 venues around the UK over the past 12yrs and currently own and run Get Fit Today, an outdoor Bootcamp in Northampton.


Over the years, I have tried and tested hundreds of different diets, meal plans and training programs and met thousands of people who have done the same and the one thing which links them all together is the fact that they are all overly complicated and provide only temporary fixes - which is not what you want when you're trying to get results.

Most diet plans require you to go shopping for items you would never normally use and then spend hours preparing meals you won't enjoy and eating something different to the rest of your family, which just doesn't work.  

My plan will give you a simple and effective program which you can easily follow and will absolutely help you lose weight, feel fitter, healthier, more toned and more energised than ever before.

Sound good?  Read on...


•    Initial Consultation
•    10-Point Health Check
•    Calorie Based Nutrition Plan
•    Benchmark Fitness Test
•    7-Day Meal Plan
•    4-Video Workouts
•    50 Healthy Meal Suggestions
•    10 downloadable e-books 
•    4 Nutrition video guides
•    Stretching Guide
•    Yoga video class

  • Access to our online App With Thousands of Recipes & Workouts

  • An Initial Consultation

  • 10-Point Health Check

  • Calorie Based Nutrition Plan Reviewed After 3 Weeks

  • Benchmark Fitness Test

  • Tailored Fitness Plan Reviewed After 3 Weeks

  • 14-Day Meal Plan

  • 8 Video Workouts

  • 50 Healthy Meal Suggestions

  • Access 24/7 to your Personal Trainer

  • 15 downloadable e-books

  • 8 Nutrition Video Guides

  • Stretching Guide

  • Yoga Video Class

  • Lifestyle Assessment


  • Access to our online App With Thousands of Recipes & Workouts

  • Initial Consultation

  • 10-Point Health Check

  • Weekly Tasks to Complete to Stay on Track and Accountable

  • Calorie Based Nutrition Plan Reviewed Weekly

  • Benchmark  Fitness Tests reviewed 6-weekly

  • Tailored Fitness Plan Reviewed weekly

  • 21-Day Meal Plan

  • 20 Video Workouts

  • 50 Healthy Meal Suggestions

  • Access 24/7 to your Personal Trainer

  • 30 downloadable e-Books

  • 16 Nutrition Video Guides

  • Stretching Guide

  • Yoga Video Class

  • Lifestyle Assessment

  • Monthly Fitness Challenge

  • Meal Portion Analysis

  • Much, much more...

It's Easy To Make Claims & Boasts About The Amazing Results This Program Achieve's, But Here Are Some Of My Previous Clients Who Tried Various Diets & Gyms That Simply Didn't Work For Them - Until They Contacted Me!

Here Is What They Had To Say:

Pam 2.jpg

Pam lost 33lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes in just over 6 weeks and is absolutely loving her new body shape.  

"It's amazing that I started with not being able to keep up with an exercise for a couple of minutes and now I do an hour session and feel good about myself at the end. I got there in just weeks"



Since joining our programme 3-months ago, Tracey has lost 9cm from her waist and 17cm from her hips!  Her press-ups have increased from 13 to 24 (WOW!) and her plank time from 45 seconds to 71.

"I’m chuffed that I’m still losing cm from my measurements and toning. I can see changes and my posture is better, plus I’m noticing I’m not slouching so much and I have more energy"


JUNE           APRIL


I decided to join Get Fit Today originally for my mental health but the benefits have actually been more than this.  When I started 12 months ago, I weighed 12st 13lbs - I now weigh 9st 13lbs!

My clothes look better and I have more choice when I go shopping now! I can walk further and I'm no longer puffing or panting going upstairs

It's easy to neglect your health but it's an hour out of your day, that's all it takes to make you feel more energised and happy



During lockdown in 2020, people were forced to find a new way to exercise.  No longer were we allowed to visit a gym or a fitness club - and online fitness classes saw a huge upsurge.

However, a lot of the training being offered involved watching group fitness classes on your TV or laptop screen whilst trying to copy what they were doing in your living room - with varying levels of success.  What was lacking however, was the personal touch and accountability.

With my online personal training program, you will be able to contact me 24/7 via WhatsApp and also chat with me face to face during our regular check-ins.  

Here is what I will do for you:

1.  Work with you to identify your health & fitness goals

2.  Establish a base line (your current level of fitness)

3.  Conduct a 10-point health check which will form the basis of your future fitness program

4.  Understand your eating habits and food likes/dislikes

5.  Provide you with a simple to follow nutrition plan which we will adapt over time

6. Send you workout videos, exercise routines, training videos and information regards health & nutrition which you can keep and refer to in the future

7.  Stay in touch to help keep you on track, motivated and accountable (I won't let you slack off!)  

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