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6-Week Kick Starter

The Get Fit Today KICKSTARTER program is the perfect way to KICKSTART your body into a new style of fitness.

It is split into 2 parts - FITNESS & NUTRITION


You will have UNLIMITED access to all Get Fit Today venues in Northampton, meaning that you have the choice of over 60 sessions a month at either Abington Park, St. Crispins, Cogenhoe or Brixworth.  Here is our timetable of sessions so you can work out how often you can attend:

New Timestable.png

All of our sessions are outdoors (with an indoor option between Nov-Feb) bringing with it a host of health and fitness benefits


Each session will be different to the last and will be pitched at the right level for your fitness ability.  Group sizes will vary depending on the day, time of year and weather but on average there will be another 10-15 people exercising alongside you


It is this group motivation that will push your more than ever and help you achieve the results you have been dreaming of



The other part of the course includes online nutrition coaching.  This is a very ‘basic’ introduction to nutrition and doesn’t go into any detail on vitamins, nutrients or anything else.  It is based around becoming aware of what you eat, when and why you’re eating it to help you form healthy habits together with some health tips as well

We will be with you every step of the way to help keep you accountable and on track, and invite you into our private Facebook group alongside everyone else on this program where you can ask questions, seek help or motivate each other.


Our offer to you

We will provide all of the above together with being there for you to speak to online, on the phone and in person in the park throughout the 6 weeks, keeping you accountable to your health & fitness goals and motivated to keep going.


What we ask in return

In return for the above, we ask that you attend an average of 2 sessions a week and complete the nutrition course.  If you do, we guarantee you results!  It’s as simple as that 😀


It is the COMBINATION of both fitness and nutrition together with the support and help from our team of qualified and experienced fitness instructors and your fellow members that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.  It wont be easy - and at first you’re going to ache, but in 6-weeks time - if you stick to the plan, you will be more toned, leaner than ever, have more energy, feel fitter than you have in ages and your general mood will be more upbeat due to the extra exercise and healthy eating


All for £99!


Why wouldn’t you?

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