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Month 1

By starting our 12-week program you have joined over 2 million people who will take the first step to start losing weight this year.


Every week we will help you achieve real change with advice on how to be more active and achieve a healthy balanced diet.

Week 1 will focus on developing healthier eating habits and help you keep track of what you are eating and drinking. 

Did you know? 

Image by Braden Collum

“Overweight people who lose weight can reduce their risk of some potentially serious health problems including heart disease and some types of cancer?  Losing at least 5% of their weight can have health benefits if they keep it off – so, let’s get started!”

Below you will see a link to week 1 which you can start to access straight away.  The first few weeks are based around getting things set up, finding out a little about your fitness habits and nutrition and then starting to make small tweaks.

Each week, you will be given access to the next week - this is to make sure that you don't skip anything as you go.  It takes around 21 days to form new habits to month 1 is the hardest month on this course, as this is where most of the changes will be happening.

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