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3-Month Fitness & Nutrition Course

Combine Fitness & Nutrition Together With An Online Plan You Can Do From Home But With The Support Of A Personal Trainer

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training to suit you

Our course is designed with you in mind.  The first thing you will do is complete an on-boarding questionnaire and at-home health check which will help us design the course around your needs 


nutrition made simple

Our nutrition plan is simple and won't involve you having to buy any ingredients you don't already use to make meals that your family won't eat.  Small, simple and effective changes to your existing nutritional habits which really work!


keeping you on track & motivated

We will be with you every step of the way, whether thats at the end of a phone, on a video call or chatting in our private WhatsApp group.  Our personal trainers will help you through this course from start to finish

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  • Do you have the desire to lose weight and tone up but need some help doing so?

  • Are you able to motivate yourself to follow a tailored fitness & nutrition plan with online support and guidance from a personal trainer?

  • Do you have access to a laptop/tablet or smart phone to access the workouts and other content?


If you can say YES to the above then this course might just be what you're looking for to:


💥Lose weight

💥Tone up

💥Feel energised

💥Get back into shape

This program is designed to be completed at home BUT with online support 24/7 from one of our personal trainers to help guide you through everything you need. 

The program includes:


  1. An initial assessment

  2. An 10-point health check

  3. A tailored exercise plan which evolves as you progress

  4. Work-out videos, instructional guides and challenges

  5. An effective yet simple to follow nutrition plan, built around your lifestyle, likes and habits

  6. Private personal training website

  7. 24/7 contract with a personal trainer

  8. Access to the Get Fit Today fitness App

  9. Access to over 300,000 meal plans

  10. Weekly fitness challenges to keep you motivated and on track

  11. Over 30 health and nutrition e-books to download and keep

  12. Over 25 guidance/educational videos to empower you to make healthy choices

  13. Weekly tasks to keep you on track

  14. Monthly check-ins

  15. Regular progress checks

Our nutrition approach is simple yet effective. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds buying fancy ingredients to cook healthy foods you won’t enjoy, and your family won’t want. A few simple changes to your current diet is all that will be needed.

Your exercise plan will be built around your likes/dislikes, time and kit/equipment available.  This will be monitored and adapted as your fitness improves

Our regular check-ins and progress checks will ensure that your nutrition, diet and workouts are continually updated to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

Here Are A Few Of Our Recent Clients Who Have Tried This Very Same Plan

In A Very Short Space Of Time They Transformed Their Bodies And Lives - But Don't Take Our Word For It, See What They Had To Say Below:



  • Weight loss - 33lbs (15kg)

  • BMI reduced

  • Reduced waist size by 25cm

  • Reduced hip size by 21cm

  • Improved sleep by 1hr

  • Increased press-ups by 28

  • Increased sit-ups by 18

  • Increased squats by 15

  • Increased plank time by 1m 20s

“I’m feeling the best I have done in 20yrs. I’m really happy with my fitness and energy and the way I look! If I could put this feeling in a bottle and sell it, I’d be rich!”


  • Weight loss - 23lbs (10.5kg)

  • BMI reduced to healthy category

  • Reduced waist size by 16cm

  • Reduced hip size by 8cm

  • Improved sleep by 1hr a night

  • Increased press-ups by 17

  • Increased sit-ups by 8

  • Increased squats by 11

  • Increased plank time by 36s

“This has been an amazing journey, I wasn’t sure I’d stick to it but I’m getting more toned and stronger every day...”


  • Weight loss - 16lbs (7.3kg)

  • BMI reduced

  • Reduced waist size by 15cm

  • Reduced hip size by 15cm

  • Improved sleep by 1hr a night

  • Increased press-ups by 9

  • Increased sit-ups by 6

  • Increased squats by 15

  • Increased plank time by 1m 15s

“Im really happy with how much my fitness has increased in such a short space of time with the amazing support from you all”


Course Content



  • Calories explained

  • Achieving your goals

  • Why & how to stretch

  • 5 ways to change unhealthy habits

  • Over training - what is it?

  • Calories in alcohol

  • Portion sizes

  • The science behind weight loss

  • Habits to improve your health

  • Mediterranean diet

  • Lifestyle habits that ruin your health

  • Gut brain axis

  • Progress tracking

  • Speed and agility training

  • Weight training

  • Yoga poses for busy people

  • Nutrition Fitness

  • Carnivore diet

  • Maximising fitness

  • Keto diet

  • Top 10 supplements

  • Psychology of aging

  • Sustainable nutrition plan

  • Change your mindset, change your life

  • Embracing nutrition beyond calories



  • Why count calories

  • What hinders fat loss

  • Calculate your total daily energy expenditure

  • Fat loss & exercise

  • Meal prepping

  • Food choices

  • Frequently asked questions

  • The weight loss journey

  • Types of training

  • Setting targets - protein

  • All about carbs

  • Fats aren't bad for you

  • Processed food

  • What is an effective workout

  • Exercise choice

  • Rest times

  • Setting realistic goals

  • Motivation

  • Discipline

  • Fitness mindset

  • Emotional eating

  • Negative self-talk

  • Avoiding extremes

  • How to keep the weight off

  • Types of training



  • Lower body workouts

  • Core workouts

  • Upper body workouts

  • High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

  • Access to our database of thousands of online video workouts to follows from home

Everything else...


  • Onboarding consultation

  • 10-Point health check

  • Private personal training website containing everything you need to access

  • Meal suggestions

  • Access to the Get Fit Today App

  • Instructional guides for every step

  • Weekly check-ins with a personal trainer

  • Nutrition plan reviewed weekly

  • Exercise plan reviewed weekly

  • At-home fitness tests every 6 weeks

  • Access to a private WhatsApp group with 24/7 contact with your P.T

  • Lifestyle assessment

  • Over 300,00 healthy healthy recipes

Every week on this course, you will be given access to a new page on the personal training website where you will be given your tasks for the week ahead and access to the workouts, e-books and videos.

Every weekend, your personal trainer will do a check-in with you on WhatsApp, review the previous week and give you a diet and fitness plan for the week coming.  

The only way to lose weight is to combine nutrition and fitness together.  

This doesn't mean only eating salads and running every day, instead we will help you understand about portion sizes and energy levels so that you can begin to make small tweaks to your normal diet and activity and start to see incredible results which are long lasting and life changing.

We're here to help you achieve your health & fitness goals and will be with you every step of the way.



Due to the amount of personal contact time required, we can only register 10 people onto this course every month.

Act now - don't miss out.

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