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Isolation Challenge 3 - The Room Race!

So, out third challenge in this series is going to replicate a Get Fit Today session exercise in the safety of your own home. It’s a timed accumulator challenge so all you will need is a watch or stopwatch and a house! It’s simple to follow and will challenge the best of you!

Start in your living room, on the floor in the plank position.  Have a stop watch handy and get ready to press GO

When you do, jump up and do 5 squats before running to the top floor of your house, do another 5 squats and then run back downstairs to your living room and get back in to the plank. 

Press STOP on the stopwatch.

However long that took you, add 20 seconds (e.g. if this first test-run took you 60 seconds to complete, your target time is now 80 seconds (1min 20sec).  If you have a timer on your stopwatch/phone set it to the target time so that it keeps repeating.

Your mission is to repeat the same exercise in full and return to the plank within the target time, as many times as you can before you fail.  If you are back in the plank position before the time runs out, that is when you rest but you must stay in the plank.  Good luck, count how many circuts you can complete before you run out of time and let us know.


To increase the difficulty of this challenge, increase your squats by 1 every time. Eventually, you won’t be able to get back into the plank within the time allowed.

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