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Isolation Challenge 5 - 100 press-ups!

Does that sound possible? Did you read it and think “yeah, right. I can hardly do 10, let along 100”. Well, read on, you might be surprised..... 😀

The plan for this challenge is to exercise 10 times a day. On the hour, every hour. We would suggest setting an alarm on your phone or watch maybe to help remind you. Then every hour when your alarm goes off, your mission is to do 10 press-ups.

You can either do them on your toes or on your knees, but we guarantee, if you do this challenge every day for a week, you will see an incredible improvement in your upper body strength.

We suggest that you start at 10am, and then every hour through the day with the last round being at 8pm (allowing for an hours break when you eat). Keep your form as good as you can and ideally have someone watch you to help.

The photos here show how your body should look throughout the exercise, and remember to take it slowly, especially in the downward phase of the press-up. This will really work your muscles.


To make this challenge more difficult, increase the number of reps each time and add different press up styles. E.G. every hour do 30 press-ups, 10 of which are in a normal stance, 10 are wide stance and 10 are diamond press-ups (see images below). This will really make the challenge hard to complete and come 4 or 5pm, you will be seriously wondering why you didn’t stick to the original plan!

As always, let us know how you get on! 👍

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