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Emma’s weight loss story…

Meet Emma – she has been coming along to Get Fit Today since May 2022 and has so far lost around 1.5 stone in weight.

Emma has a fantastic attitude towards weight loss and is one of the most organised people I have ever met when it comes to meal planning and preparation. She was out walking her dog one day through the cricket pitches in St. Crispins and saw our group working out and thought “I’ll give it a try!”.

Four months on and 33 sessions later, Emma is loving what we do, so we thought it would be great to share her story to motivate and inspire others. Here is what Emma has to say:

“I had an awful start to the year with lots of bad news including a death in the family and decided I needed to take action to get in better shape. My main goal was to feel better in my clothes, be more confident and lose some weight. I hadn’t done any exercise for about 2-3 years before joining Get Fit Today, partly down to Covid and partly down to working too much.

I had previously been a member of the gym for years and I do love swimming, but when I saw the Get Fit Today group, I looked at their website and signed up for the 6-week kickstarter course as it was nice weather so working out outside was appealing, but then I stuck with it because I found it more valuable than the gym. It was much more fun and training in a group is much better for me. I did used to take classes at the gym but compared to bootcamp, they started to feel repetitive and didn't allow for mixed ability as much as these sessions do.

I love the variety, I love being outside, I love that it's different each session and that it's tailored for all different abilities.

Weight Loss

When I started, I was at 15.4 stone and am currently 13.13 - albeit I have just returned from an amazing holiday in Italy eating copious amounts of pasta and gelato! 😀

But I am still progressing.

I feel better in myself and stronger as well. My clothes all fit - I have been size 16/18 for a long time now and I bought all of my holiday clothes in a size 14 - which all fit in August after starting this journey in May.

I have found that at a Get Fit Today class, exercise is made less of a task and more fun. When I used to go to the gym, if it was raining, I would stay home, yet with bootcamp I'm happy to go in the rain even though we train outside!”

What Advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a new fitness regime?

“Just do it! When I turned up to my first session, everyone was talking and laughing and discussing a fitness test and a social event and I honestly felt like I wouldn't fit in or enjoy it. But straight away I was paired up with someone else and within 2 sessions I felt like I'd been with the group for a lot longer. I then tried a few sessions at another location and it was just as welcoming.”

Emma has done amazing and as you can see from the photo’s above, is very disciplined when it comes to planning and preparing her meals for the week ahead. She has attended an average of 2 sessions a week together with watching what she eats and has lost 19lbs in 18 weeks.

Sustainable long term weight loss is not a quick fix, but over time you can lose the weight you want to and enjoy the process too! Emma is testament to this so please - if you are reading this blog and thinking “I’d love to lose 19lbs in 4 months” - get in touch.

It IS possible!

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