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How to avoid the January exercise trap

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

A study has found that £37 million is wasted every year in this country on unused gym memberships. So many people fall into the trap of signing up for a long term fitness membership and then end up only going 2-3 times. Those brand new Lycra leggings, wicking t-shirts and £150 trainers are relegated to the back of the wardrobe and the only thing remaining is the direct debit that you can’t cancel!

There is another way!

If you can find a way to become passionate about exercise, It’s so worth it, and it’s the best natural way to enhance your mood, reduce stress levels, build confidence and help fight depression. Creating a habit of exercise takes repetition and recent research shows that committing to something for 21 days will help to do this. It will take some discipline at first to push past any initial resistance and you need to commit mentally to the process.

Forming healthy habits

1. Make exercise a priority, and be consistent. Put your exercise sessions in your diary and regard them as important appointments that you need to keep. You have a duty of care towards yourself to stay as healthy as you can. 

2. Try pairing up and exercising with a friend. You are much less likely to bail out if you feel you are letting someone down. 

3. Dress for success – get some workout clothes that you feel good in but don’t spend a fortune at first. It’s important to buy the right clothes for the type of training you are doing. For example, if you’re thinking of joining an outdoor fitness group such as Get Fit Today, you ideally want to wear leggings or shorts, a t-shirt or long sleeved base layer and some trail trainers.

4. Be prepared and don’t be put off by morning after aches and pains. To minimise or avoid these, make sure you stretch after any exercise session and on rest days too. Ease yourself into exercise and take it slow and listen to your body, resting when you need to.

5. Create “triggers” for exercise by planning sessions around another daily habit. Putting out your gym kit before you leave for work so it’s the first thing you see when you get home and go to bed, to remind you to put it on, or take it with you in the morning, can do the trick (again, take a friend). 

6. Join a Facebook group! Being part of a fitness group on Facebook is a great way to stay motivated, and chat to other like-minded people. If you’re part of a fitness group, get involved in their Facebook page or group. Chatting to other members about who is turning up today or tomorrow is a great way to make sure you do too!

Don’t fall into the trap of being one of the growing group of people who start the year with great intentions to Get Fit Today and then delay doing so, or give up before the end of January.

Get Fit Today is just about to open two new venues in St. Crispins (NN54GJ) and Grange Park (NN45BE). As of January 2021 we will be running sessions 6 days a week:

Our venue in Abington Park now has well over one hundred members who are a great bunch and will help to keep you motivated and enthusiastic.

If you want to try something in 2021 that you will actually enjoy and stick with - come along and join us for a FREE trial

Your first session is completely free, just register your interest here and pop along whenever you can.

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