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Isolation Challenge 1 - The Kettle Challenge!!

Todays challenge is a simple one - how many jumping jacks can you do whilst your kettle boils?

The Rules

  1. You must fill your kettle to the level of ONE CUP ONLY

  2. Jumping jacks must be done as per the illustration below

Start with your feet together and arms down by your sides. Take a small jump and land with your feet just over shoulder width apart and at the same time raise your arms up above your head and clap your hands. Then jump again and return to the start position.


Once the kettle boils, stop exercising and post your results onto the blog or our Facebook page!

Job done, make the most of the boiled water and have a cuppa! Good effort 😀

Next challenge will be out tomorrow, don’t forget to get involved in our April Isolation accumulator challenge running on Facebook. Here is the link

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