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Lorraine's story.....

For those of you who haven't been lucky enough to meet her yet, this is Lorraine - one of our Get Fit Today members, from St. Crispins park.

Lorraine has lost almost 2 stone since lock down ended in April 2021 and has made some incredible health and fitness improvements. We asked her if she would mind telling us a bit more about her journey so we could help motivate others in a similar position, and here is Lorraine's story....

"I have always been quite an active person and have always enjoyed keeping fit. I used to be an avid runner and ran events from 5k up to full marathons.

A few years ago I had surgery on my knee and it all kind of went a bit down hill with my fitness and weight after that.

I worked all through lock-down but my diet and fitness were not good, I kept telling myself that I would diet and get fitter but that day never came. I felt quite down and anxious about things...

I reached the stage where I was wearing the same few clothes I had in my wardrobe that would fit me. I would walk up the stairs at work and be out of breath. I hated having my picture taken and felt that I looked disgusting. At that point I saw a post a friend had published on Instagram about her recent weight loss and this inspired me to start doing something about my own fitness/weight gain.

I started with some exercise classes on line and used my spin bike. I went to the gym as well but I found this quite boring - I tended to stick to the same exercise machines which probably wasn’t that beneficial.

I noticed Get Fit Today on Facebook and started to do some of the classes online over lock-down which I really enjoyed. When I heard they were going to start sessions at St. Crispins I was really pleased because it was right on my doorstep and I liked the idea of working out outside.

I found the sessions really fun and varied and loved how you can start at blue (beginners) and work your way up. I have met some lovely people and made new friends through this.

It’s great working out with other people, everyone helps each other and is very encouraging.

At the time I began these classes I wasn't really following a nutrition plan - I just tried to eat healthily and cycled to work. However, after a few weeks of going to the Get Fit Today sessions someone told me about the 3-month fitness & nutrition plan. I looked into it and decided I needed some help with my diet so I signed up.

My weight at this point was 12 stone 4 pounds and over the next couple of months of working out and following the nutrition plan, I lost almost two stone. At the time of writing I currently weight 10 stone 8 pounds and my ideal weight would be 10 stone.

If I look back now I can’t believe the changes. I was really stuck in a rut with no confidence in myself. I’m so glad I joined Get Fit Today and signed up for the 3 month fitness/ nutrition plan - it’s educated me on food and fitness. I also think it’s good to take part in the bench mark fitness sessions to see how your progressing with your fitness as this has really helped and motivated me even more.

One of the best things about having achieved my weight loss this year is that I can now fit into all of the clothes in my wardrobe instead of only a limited selection. People have commented on how much slimmer I look which is nice. I can run up the stairs without getting out of breath and considering I’ve not done any constant running in a while I decided to try park run recently and managed to run it without stopping which I was really happy about.

The one thing I would say to anyone thinking of starting out in fitness is "Go for it!". Start off gradually - it will be hard at first but keep going and you will start feeling the benefit mentally and physically. You will gain more confidence as you continue and you won’t look back. Believe in yourself.

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As mentioned above Lorraine has been taking part in our online sessions from home, our park sessions, completed the 3-month fitness and nutrition plan and has been attending the benchmark fitness tests every month. She has done incredible and the results are obvious for all to see!

We are SO PROUD of Lorraine's incredible accomplishment at Get Fit Today and really pleased she chose us to help her on this journey. We also hope that her story will motivate others to try the same - it doesn't have to be everything Lorraine has done, just start slowly at first and keep going. As Lorraine has said, you WILL start feeling the benefits, both mentally and physically.

For more information about our sessions or our online fitness & nutrition courses, please get in touch. To meet Lorraine in person, you will have to come along to one of our classes in St. Crispins 😃

One final CONGRATULATIONS to Lorraine and a massive thank you for sharing your story with us all. 👍😃

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