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Burpee.......and breathe!

Most workouts are governed by time – how long it takes you perform an exercise, the length of time you need to rest between sets, how long you need to perform a certain exercise for...but not this one!

This workout is different because instead of using time, it uses the number of breaths you take to control the amount of rest you get between sets.

This has a number of effects:

  • Teaches you to control your breathing rate even when you are tired

  • Means that you don’t have to keep an eye on the time when you work out

  • Forces you to work at a different pace to what you might usually find comfortable

  • Provides a novel challenge to keep exercise boredom at bay

The Workout

  • Do one burpee

  • Take one deep breath

  • Do two burpees

  • Take two deep breaths

  • Do three burpees

  • Take three deep breaths etc.

Keep adding a rep and a breath until you (a) can no longer do the required reps or (b) cannot limit yourself to the prescribed number of breaths.

Exercise description

The burpee is a tough exercise, so there is of course a slightly less intense version as shown below:

Starter Burpee.

Instead of jumping your legs back, step them back one by one. Don’t include the press-up either, just step back with both legs, and then get back up to standing.

There you have it, a ‘simple’ but effective burpee workout based on your breathing and fitness level. Give it a go and let us know how you get on. Whether you reach 10 or 15 isn’t what matters, it’s giving it a go that counts!

Good luck! 👍

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