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Isolation Mini-Workout 9 - Tap it out!

Another nice and easy one to read but a killer to try. Don’t forget to do a warm up before you try any of these exercises to prevent any strains, pains and to help with gains! 😀

If you know the exercises on the list, then just crack on, if not, scroll down a bit further for some photos and explanations. Good luck! 👍


1. Chest Tap Press-Up. In the top press up position, lift your right hand off the floor and tap you chest and then your left hand and do the same. Repeat this until you have tapped 10 times (5 with each hand) and then do 1 press-up. Tap again, but only to 9 and then do another press-up. Repeat this reducing the taps by 1 each time until you finish on 1 tap and 1 press-up.

2. Sit-Up Heel-Taps. Hold a half sit-up position and bend from your waist to the right and tap your right foot with your right hand. Repeat on the other side with your left foot and left hand. Continue until you reach 10 taps, and then do 1 sit-up. Repeat the process as with press-ups until you finish on 1 toe-tap and 1 sit-up.

3. Squats punch-outs. Go low in a squat and start punching up to the sky with both hands alternately. When you reach 10, do 1 squat. Repeat the punches but do 9 and another squat and keep going until you finish on 1 punch and 1 squat.


Then repeat the process but swap it around, so instead of doing 10 chest taps on the press ups, you do 10 press-ups instead and only 1 chest tap every time. Decrease the press-ups every time until you finish on 1 press-up and 1 chest tap, then move straight on to sit-ups and do the same thing and finally finishing with the squats and punches.


See how you get on and don’t forget to let us know. Your feedback is what keeps us going and makes it all feel worthwhile, so whether it’s a comment on the blog or a comment on our Facebook page, anything is good.

Stay strong, only a few weeks to go and hopefully our park sessions will be back on!


Chest-Tap Press-Ups

Start at the top of the press-up position (lower photo) and then stat tapping. Right hand, left hand, right hand etc.

Once you reach 10 taps, do one full press-up and start again with the chest taps but only go up to 9.

Repeat the process until you are down to 1 chest atp and move on to the next exercise

Sit-Up Heel Taps

Similar to the press-ups, but holding a half sit with shoulders 2” off of the floor. Do 10 heel taps, first left then right, then left etc. Once you reach 10, do 1 sit-up.

Repeat the process in the same way reducing the heel taps every time until you finish with 1 heel tap and 1 sit-up

Squat Punch-Outs

Go down into a low squat and then punch out to the front 10 times (left, right, left etc) until you reach 10 and then do one full squat (up and back down).

Repeat the punches but only going up to 9 and then do another squat. Keep going until you finish on 1 punch and 1 squat.

Enjoy and don’t forget if you still have some energy after a 3 minute rest, try repeating the exercises but swapping it around. So instead of doing 1 press-up and reducing your chest taps, you do 1 chest-tap and reduce your press-ups from 10-1. This will be TOUGH!!

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