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Isolation Mini-Workout 10 - Lunchtime Blast!

Here is a quick ten minute all-over body workout which can be squeezed into a lunch break or before/after work.

Don't forget to do a quick warm-up before attempting any of the exercises, and if you’re unsure on how to do them have a look at the photo/videos. Right, let’s crack on...


Do each exercise for 2 minutes and have a 30s rest before moving onto the next. Total time, 10 minutes.

Exercise 1 - 2 minutes of Squats

30 second rest

Exercise 2 - 2 minutes of Press-up

30 second rest

Exercise 3 - 2 minutes of Plank with alternative side-T

30 second rest

Exercise 4 - 2 minutes of standing oblique crunches.

30 second rest



Plank with alternate side-T

Standing Oblique Crunchies

There you have it. As always, give it a go and let us know. Your feedback is really important and helps keep us motivated whilst we try to keep you motivated.

Until next time...

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