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Dawns' Story...

Dawn joined Get Fit Today using a FREE TRIAL in December 2021, and has since lost just over 2 stone of her 3 stone goal! To find out how she has managed this, read on.....

Dawn decided to join Get Fit Today originally for her mental health but has found that the benefits have been much more:

"My weight and mental health go hand in hand and after hitting rock bottom I decided to take control. I went straight online and the Get Fit Today website popped up. Being in the park and not in a gym environment appealed to me straight away and after messaging Pete I was attending my first class that weekend"

I wanted to lose weight, feel more energised and improve my head space and there is so much to love about Get Fit Today

The app is easy to use & the Facebook page is always updated with tips and advice. Every instructor is knowledgeable and teaches a brilliant class and they aren't intimidating because they're all of similar age groups to me!

I love that the sessions are varied and always work out the whole body. The people I train with are like minded and we all encourage each other - and have fun too. 😃

The sessions are run throughout the week and weekends so you can get your fix whatever hours you work and I've made some great friends through this group.

Best bit is working out in the park..what could be better!

I've also noticed other changes in myself (and so have other people which is always a nice boost). My clothes look and feel better which means I now have more choice when I go clothes shopping! 😃 I can walk further now and am no longer puffing or panting going upstairs.

I work on my own all day and I'm very isolated, but the social aspect of seeing the group at class has made a huge difference. I can come to class feeling tired and low and leave feeling the complete opposite!

It's easy to neglect your health but it's an hour out of your day - that's all to make you feel more energised and happy. I'm far more confident now and still have goals I'm aiming to achieve.

"I'm really enjoy exercising"

I never thought these words would leave my lips but I'm really enjoy exercising, its become addictive because of the changes I feel its made for me!

Being at Get Fit Today has made me look at myself in a different way. I like the challenges and targets I set myself and I come to each class with a determination to just push myself a little bit more. I feel with the encouragement of each instructor I can smash it!

The first class I did I was overweight unfit and embarrassed about how I looked. I thought I'd feel uncomfortable and was so nervous to join.

I needn’t have worried! There's no shame, no-one cares what you look like or how little you can move, it's set for all abilities and as you progress you can push yourself to the next stage.

I couldn't get through the warm up on my first class and nor could I do a sit up. 7 months on I can do both and more!

The instructors at all the parks are encouraging and have your back! There's always an alternative if you're struggling and you're shown how to do the exercise to benefit you the most.

In the past I've done the whole gym thing and step classes but it was never for me. I hated going. It was easier to say 'l'll go tomorrow' and then let it lapse until I was paying and not attending.

I found the gym boring, it was a solo event and not only were you waiting for "Atlas" to get off the muscle machines I really felt my age there and was intimidated by the younger generation without an ounce of fat or a bead of sweat on them. There was no-one there to push me or encourage me or say if I was using the equipment wrong.

I find the difference between the gym and Get Fit Today is that you turn up to the beautiful park, the class is already prepared by the instructor to work every part of your body and the time just flies by."

Dawn has had some amazing results and that's down to her dedication and the support and encouragement she gets from husband Andrew as well. Dawn will be the first to say that if she can do it, then you can too! You just have to start 👍

For more information about trying a FREE taster session at one of our venues in Northampton, message us by clicking this link or register here for your FREE TRIAL

See you in the park 😀

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