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Isolation Mini-Workout 8 - Countdown

This workout can be done using any resistance exercise applying the same process. So, your first step is to decide which exercise you will try first. Here are a few options:

  1. Press-Up

  2. Squat

  3. Sit-Up

  4. Lunge

Choose your exercise (or work through the list) and get ready. This is how it works using PRESS-UPS as the example:

Start with doing 10 press-ups and then after the 10th rep, hold still at the start position (top of the press up). Count to 10 and then start doing press-ups again, but this time do 9. Again, after the last one hold the top position but this time count to 9 instead and then start 8 press-ups, and repeat the process:

  • 10 reps and hold for 10 seconds

  • 9 reps and hold for 9 seconds

  • 8 reps and hold for 8 seconds

  • 7 reps and hold for 7 seconds

  • 6 reps and hold for 6 seconds

  • 5 reps and hold for 5 seconds

  • 4 reps and hold for 4 seconds

  • 3 reps and hold for 3 seconds

  • 2 reps and hold for 2 seconds

  • 1 reps and hold for 1 seconds

The same process works for all resistance style exercises (and you can also do it with cardio exercises such as star jumps, jumping jacks etc you just cant hold a position in the air in between 😃)


To make this exercise more difficult, when you are holding a static position and counting in between reps, try holding a more difficult position instead. For press-ups, this would be holding a low press-up with your chest 2" from the floor for example. For sit-ups, this would be with your back at about 45 degrees and for lunges and squats it would be at the lowest point in the exercise.


If you are a sadistic type of person and really want to push yourself, then how about this. Stick to the above plan using the extra difficulty option as above, but when you reach 1 rep, go back up the ladder to 10 reps again pausing the same way every time. So instead of doing 10 down to 1,you do 10 down to 1 and then back up to 10. A total of 109 reps.

Tough enough yet? 😂👍

Until next time.....

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