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Isolation Mini-Workout 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

So here we are, we never thought it would happen but it has and we have to take things seriously. If you are on lock-down because you or someone in your household has the symptoms of the virus, stay strong, stay healthy and stay inside - we are all thinking of you here at Get Fit Today.

We are already producing a video work out for everyone of our session days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) and these are available at this link. On non-session days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) we will be posting an ‘Isolation Mini-Workout‘ of the day blog.

So, to the workout.....

Each work out is going to be different from the last and focus on different things. This first one is going to be a leg session, enjoy...!

Instructions on how to do the exercises, warm and up cool down stretches are at the bottom of this blog. For those of you who know what you are doing though, here goes...

Exercise Session

Hopefully you have stairs in your house, if not you might have to miss out on this particular session and wait until tomorrow 😀.

1. Start at the bottom of your stairs and simply walk to the top and back down. Then repeat this four more times until you have walked up and down 5 times.

2. Then, walk up 2 steps, and back down 1. Up 2, down 1 and repeat until you reach the top.

3. Next you’re going to walk up 3 steps and back down 2 and repeat until you reach the top.

4. Next it’s up 4, down 3 all the way to the top. Then up 5, down 4 then up 6 and down 5 etc until you walk all the way to the top in one go.

5. Finally, if you have the energy and making sure you have good balance, your mission is to do a 2 foot jump up 1 step at a time until you reach the top. Feel free to hold onto the wall or banister to keep yourself stable and be careful. Don’t try this final step if you have any concerns about it at all.

Once you start, you have to carry on through to the final step without stopping (unless of course, you need to breathe! 😀). Try to push through the whole thing and get your rest in the cool down phase.


To really push yourself, every time you reach the top of the stairs, do 10 SQUATS!


Warm Up

It’s important to make sure you warm up before any type of work out, so before doing this, please spend 3-5 minutes jogging gently on the spot. Start to swing your arms in circles forwards and backwards, small circles at first and slowly getting bigger and then stop jogging momentarily and do a half squat followed by a half lunge on both legs. Start jogging again and start gently punching your arms out to the front 10 times, and then up to the sky, then out to the sides and finally down to the floor. Then continue jogging on the spot but start lifting your knees higher an inch at t time and then lower them back down again. Every 20 seconds stop jogging and sit flat on the floor, stand back up and carry on jogging. Continue this until you have sat down and stood up 5 time. This should warm you up nicely for the exercises to follow.

Cool Down

1. Stand upright, bend your right knee and take hold of the lacey part of your right trainer with your right hand. Pull the heel of your right foot as close to your bum as you can whilst keeping your knees together. Once you are at your maximum stretch slowly and gently push your hips forward and you will feel a lovely stretch across the top of your right thigh. Hold for 25 seconds and slowly release. Repeat with your left foot.

2. Sit down on the floor with both legs flat, feet pointing towards the ceiling and just over shoulder width apart. Slowly lean forwards at the waist and place your hands palm down onto the floor. Slide your hands as far forward as you can whilst keeping your legs flat on the floor. Hold for 25 seconds, and slowly release.

3. Remain seated and bring both feet together so your ankles are touching. Repeat as before by sliding your hands down the front of your legs towards your toes and go as far as you can. When you reach your maximum stretch, hold for 25 seconds and don’t hold your breath!

There, you are done for today! How was it? Feeling good? 😀

Including the warm up and cool down, that‘s roughly a 20-25 minute work involving around 522 step-ups. Well done if you completed it.

Next Isolation workout will be emailed out tomorrow, and posted on the blogs page of our website at the same time. Tomorrow will be an upper body session, so look forward to that 👍

Don‘t forget to look at our Isolation Facebook group for our video sessions with ‘Owen the Eyebrows’

Until next time, stay safe, stay fit and stay inside!

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