How to create a fitness habit!

Do you struggle to stick to your fitness plans? Got a membership card for most of the gyms in town? Did you know that around 80% of people who join a gym quit within 5 months. Is that you?

Welcome to the club – we all know what we need to do, but we just can’t get ourselves to make the important changes we want to make to look and feel better.

  • We know that to lose weight and burn fat we need to exercise

  • We know that to build muscle and gain strength we need to do strength training

  • We know we should eat more vegetables and less sugar

But, despite all of this knowledge and global brands telling us to “Just Do It”, it really isn’t that easy is it? So, just how do we create a fitness habit that is going to work? Here are our top 5 suggestions:


The easiest and most common thing to do when you