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Tracey’s Story…

Tracey joined Get Fit Today in July 2021 and has since lost over 1.5 stone, and is feeling stronger every day. Prior to joining, she was concerned about exercising outside in a group, but soon changed her views on this having tried a FREE taster session and found out how friendly everyone else was.

Since joining our classes, Tracey has noticed her energy improving, her weight dropping off and her strength increasing too. Here is her story….

“I joined Get fit today as I needed to lose weight, tone up and become healthier. I was nervous at first as I was at an uncomfortable place with my weight and paranoid that people would be judging me and staring as we were exercising outside in the open - but that really wasn’t the case

“I have more energy and am more confident”

I enjoy the variety of the sessions as they are fun as well as being a workout.

Before I joined Get Fit Today, I had hit the heaviest I’ve been in a long time at 15st 12lbs. I was out of breath and ached most of the time. I’m now 14st 8lbs so I’ve lost over a stone since Aug 2021 😊

I have more energy, feel better in myself and am more confident. I still have to sometimes push myself to exercise as I’m often tired after work but I don’t give up as much now and push myself much more at every session

Since I had my son many years ago I piled the weight on and have tried most diets and bought all sorts of exercise equipment which always ended up as a clothes prop 😀 or in the attic. Then I started weight watchers in 2018, started doing the park “walk” and started Zumba. I found that this combination worked for me. My weight was dropping, I was toning up and ended up getting down to 12.7st but when the pandemic hit I lost my way between working loads of extra hours and not eating properly or exercising anywhere near as much - I would do the odd virtual Zumba but that was it.

“Everyone was so welcoming”

And all that weight came back on even when I started walking again. I signed up for the London Moon walk which was unfortunately was cancelled due to covid so I done a virtual walk around Northampton instead. I started to feel better, but my diet was still rubbish so the weight stayed on. A lady I done Zumba with (Karen) told me about Get Fit Today and in Aug 21 I signed up.

Everyone was so welcoming and I’m really glad I did it. I’ve now completed the 6-week Kickstarter course with GFT and also signed back up with weight watchers to help along side doing sessions with GFT“

Tracey has done amazing since starting our sessions in Northampton and is a great character to have in the group. Her enthusiasm and commitment to exercise and healthy eating is fantastic and although she has experienced a bit of a rollercoaster over the past few years getting through covid, she remains positive and strong.

To meet Tracey and the rest of our members, come along and try a FREE TASTER session at either Abington Park or St. Crispins. We have 7 sessions a week:

Come along and give it a try, we would love to see you in the park soon 😀👍

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