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Isolation Mini-workout 7 - The See-Saw

Another simple workout for you To try and then replicate yourself. A see-saw work out involves any two exercises you want. For today, we are going to use:

Press-Ups & Sit Ups

We are going to start with 10 press-ups (when the see-saw is at the highest point) and 1 sit-up (lowest point).

Once you have done these, rest for 20 seconds and go again, but reduce the press-ups every time by 1 and increase the sit-ups at the same time by 1.

So it will look like this picture and total 55 reps of both exercises.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on. The joy with this simple system is that you can replicate it with loads of other exercises and do either a leg day, abs or upper body.

You could choose 1 exercise for the upper half of your body and one for the lower maybe?

You could even do one with reps and one for time, so 1 press up and 1 minute in the plank, followed by 2 press ups and 55 seconds in the plank etc etc

Enjoy! 😀👍

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